Club Etiquette



General Guidelines That Apply to All Functions

  • When the boat club gathers in public places, be courteous and polite, not only to your fellow club members, but also to the staff of the establishment. Be patient, large groups arriving at the same time is taxing to the service staff. Remember the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Guidelines for Raft-Ups

  • All members should RSVP to the Commodore, Vice Commodore or the designated Cruise Captain on planned club events or the Cruise Captain on impromptu events if they know in advance that they are planning to attend a raft-up. 
  • The Commodore, Vice Commodore or the designated Cruise Captain has knowledge of the raft-up and is in charge. When you RSVP, you should indicate your ETA or if you have a change of plans you should either call on the VHF Radio or the cell phone of the designated Cruise Captain.
  • Please arrive as early as possible to secure space on the raft-up. If you want to be on the end, arrive later in the day. 
  • If you want to be next to a certain boat, arrange to arrive together. It is important to advise the organizing body prior to arriving of your preferences so that he understands what you will be doing so that he can instruct you properly. 
  • Upon arrival notify the Cruise Captain if you need to leave early. Keep us abreast of your plans. 
  • If you have a holding tank please don't pump out holding tanks at or near our raft-ups. Your consideration will be most appreciated. 
  • Any issue or special needs a member may have should be addressed to the Commodore, Vice Commodore or the designated Cruise Captain as soon as possible. 

Guidelines for Visiting Other Boats While on the Raft-up

  • If you bring guests to a raft-up, you, as a member, are responsible to see that they conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. 
  • When going from boat to boat, walk lightly and do not jump. 
  • If you have a pet, make certain that he (or she) is welcome on other boats. 
  • Wear only soft-soled non-marking shoes on other boats. 
  • Ask permission of the captain if you want to smoke on their boat.


Noise Issues on Raft-Ups

  • Please be considerate when running your generator and for late night parties and loud music; please be considerate of your neighbors. Remember our boats are next to each other, and a loud generator or party can wake people when started, and it (a generator or a party) can keep someone from sleeping when running late into the night.